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Zen – the Spa at Rotana



Zen Thai Massage

This highly therapeutic treatment focuses on pressure points, energy lines and stretching. Performed on a Thai mat, rather than a table, this unique dry massage relies on the external stimulation through smooth guided motions and stretching. You will feel relaxed, loosened, and revitalized.

 50 mins – 98 US Dollars                                                                                                              

 80 mins – 124 US Dollars


Balinese Massage

Balinese massage is a rigorous and luxurious Spa treatment. The Balinese massage uses a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure, and aromatherapy oils to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen, and “qi” (energy) around your body. This massage relieves tension, eases stress and encourages harmony.

50 mins – 103 US Dollars

80 mins – 134 US Dollars


Deep Tissue Massage

The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia. It is designed to increase flexibility, relieve tight and tired muscles, improve circulation and reduce recovery time. A perfect massage for a sportsperson.

50 mins – 114 US Dollars

80 mins – 150 US Dollars                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Rotana Swedish Massage

Enjoy a specialized massage treatment especially for those with an active life. Our therapist’s work on tense, aching muscles and joint disorders to stimulate invigorate and release your aches and pains. This massage is known to help improve the healthy functioning of the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular and nervous systems.

50 mins – 103 US Dollars

80 mins – 134 US Dollars


Rotana Aromatherapy Massage

Ease stress and balance the mind and body with a full body massage. Choose the essential oil to suit your mood that can relax, re-energize or rebalance. Aroma massage is drawn from traditions of the East and West. Light to medium pressure relaxing massage which increases the release of the “oxytocin’ hormone.

50 mins – 98 US Dollars

80 mins – 124 US Dollars


Rotana Four Hands

The ultimate body massage is performed by two professional massage therapists working together in a synchronous manner to heighten your massage experience, meaning you receive double the relaxation and tension relief in half the time.

50 mins – 155 US Dollars


Hot Stone Massage

This exotic treatment involves the placement of heated polished lava rocks on pressure points and chakra points. Application of oil with massage strokes will create sensations of comfort and warmth Aromatic oils encourage deep relaxation and calm the soul. This therapy is very effective in creating harmony and a positive energy flow thus promoting a sense of balance, energy, and peace

80 mins – 155 US Dollars


Foot Reflexology Massage                                   

Foot reflexology is based on the ancient Oriental theory that meridian lines, or pathways, carry energy throughout the body. Because each part of the body has corresponding reflex points on the feet, stimulating these reflex points causes stimulation in the related organs, which restores your natural energy flow and improves overall health, eases pain, and relaxes the entire body.

50 mins – 103 US Dollars

25 mins – 62 US Dollars


Couples Massage 

In the privacy of our exclusive sea view suite reserved for couples, you and your partner can enjoy a gorgeously relaxing full body massage as you lie side by side.

We also offer package options in our couple suite, so please contact the Zen Spa reception, if you wish to customize your spa retreat.

50 mins – 196 US Dollars


Anti-Cellulite Massage

Anti-cellulite massage is a specialized massage concentrating mainly on the area where cellulite is most prevalent on the body. Anti-cellulite massage stimulates the blood vessels in the skin. Say Good-Bye to the Cellulite. 

50 mins – 103 US Dollars


Pregnancy Massage 

Pregnancy is a time of great upheaval for most women. Specialized pregnancy treatments given with care by qualified and experienced therapists can help to balance the emotions, relieve any feelings of discomfort, and enhance the whole experience for the mother-to-be.

50 mins – 103 US Dollars


Back, Neck and Shoulders Stress Reliever

Massage focusing on the back, neck, and trapezius muscles. Natural oil of orange and lemon will release the accumulated stress and tension in the muscles to restore energy and vitality.

25 mins – 57 US Dollars


Head, Neck and Scalp Massage

This treatment combines both gentle and stimulating techniques on the neck and scalp to improve blood flow, nourish the scalp and induce a deep sense of calm.

25 mins – 57 US Dollars


Body wraps

Damask Rose Hydrating Wrap

Pamper your skin before or after the sun with this luxurious treatment. Rich oils of Damask Rose leave you glowing and re-hydrated. The natural ingredients work to heal while you enjoy a relaxing facial massage.

45 mins – 93 US Dollars


Seaweed Body Wrap

Combining the richness of sea plants and marine Alge, this treatment is deeply detoxifying and helps to tone the skin. Let you relax with a scalp massage while the active ingredients work to detoxify and stimulate your body systems.

We recommend that you book a course of three for maximum results.

45 mins – 93 US Dollars


Mud Body Wrap                                                                                             

A layer of soothing mud is applied to the skin to detoxify, cleanse and firm. The mud is thought to ease water retention and cleans the pores by drawing out impurities. Relax with a scalp massage while minerals will absorb a deep layer of your skin. Your skin is left feeling cleaner, softer, tighter, thereby, and more youthful.

45 mins – 93 US Dollars


Cucumber Wrap 

A unique wrap made from soothing fresh cucumber and Aloe vera gel. This treatment offers exceptional skin soothing and calming effects which also provide deep hydration. The perfect after-sun wrap. Cooling and healing compress provides serenity to stressed, damaged skin. A scalp massage will complement the whole experience.

45 mins – 93 US Dollars


Hydrotherapy Experience

Underwater jets massage you whilst you relax and unwind in our private hydro massage bath. Hydrotherapy helps nourish cells and promotes the regeneration of tissues. This treatment stimulates the blood and lymphatic system to help detoxify the body.

An ideal treatment to have prior to your Massage or body treatments to enhance your spa experience or as a treatment on its own to help you feel delightfully relaxed and rebalance.

25 mins – 41 US Dollars


Body scrubs

Nefertari Citrus Scrub

The slightly sandy texture of this scrub, which is made of sunflowers, seeds, oatmeal, and orange peel, will help to remove dead skin cells. The combination of aromatic orange peel and essential oil will leave the body with a wonderful tingling sensation.

25 mins – 57 US Dollars


Red Sea Salt Scrub

This scrub is perfect for aiding the removal of dry, dull, and flaking skin and accumulated residue and impurities, resulting in a satin-smooth texture. Add your choice of aromatherapy oils to enhance your salt scrub and leave your skin soft and perfumed.

25 mins – 57 US Dollars


Coffee Scrub                                                                                                              

Using coffee grounds and cardamom, this body scrub gives a perfect combination to improve the circulation and break down the fat as the caffeine draws the fluids out from between the cells. Leaving the skin to feel nourished and supple.

 25 mins – 57 US Dollars


Osiris Foot Care

A complete relaxing Peppermint foot scrub followed by a foot and lower-leg massage designed to increase the mobility of your ankles and feet while stimulating the lymph flow. Leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth and melts away your stress. 

25 mins – 41 US Dollars


Facial care

Luxe Caviar Facial

The best anti-age activities are combined in this treatment. Your skin will radiate youth by absorbing the intense effect of the caviar and wheat germ containing proteins, retinol, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. Your skin is glowing and lifted back to where it was a few years ago.

50 mins – 119 US Dollars


Hydrating Facial  

This Luxurious hydrating facial helps to balance and restore the skin’s natural moisture and produce a renewed radiant and an immediate long-lasting suppleness. Thanks to the Orange blossom water, white lotus and Neroli oil.

50 mins – 98 US Dollars


Purifying Facial

Tailored for those with a combination to oily skin, feel refreshed and help balance its natural sebaceous secretions. The skin is cleaned and then exfoliated with a scrub before a facial massage. Apply a purifying mask which has Egyptian clay which will help to draw out oiliness and remineralize your complexion while regaining the perfect balance between matte and hydrating texture.

50 mins – 98 US Dollar


Honey & Cucumber Facial         

A perfect moisturizing, soothing and nourishing after sun facial based on natural recipes. Gentle Rose petal Scrub followed by a facial massage using honey. Soothe and calm your skin by Fresh cucumber and honey mask. Perfect for all skin types.

50 mins – 88 US Dollars


Mini Facial                                                                  

Cleans, Scrub, Mask. Ready for the evening…. Those who have a busy lifestyle, but still have time to pamper will enjoy this beauty care regime. All Skin types.

25 mins – 52 US Dollars


Facial Massage

This facial massage will relax your facial lines, give a natural lift, and tone your skin. Special focus is applied on the lymphatic system and on increasing oxygen and blood circulation that helps regenerate skin cells. All skin types

25 mins – 52 US Dollars


Signature Treatments

Zen Thai Herbal Massage

The healing practice of Thai herbal compress therapy dates back nearly 5,000 years, then passed down from one generation to the next.

Treatment starts with a gentle rocking and stretching movement. A selection of therapeutic herbs, including prai, ginger, turmeric and lemongrass are wrapped in a muslin compress, steamed, and then applied to the body in gentle pressing, circular and rolling movement. This treatment brings benefits such as deep relaxation, relieves stress and fatigue, and boosts both emotional and physical well-being.     

80 mins – 139 US Dollars


Queen Cleopatra Treatment

Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile, was one of the most beautiful women of our history. She had radiant, soft, and glowing skin. Having found the perfect regiment to nurture her skin, Cleopatra bathed daily in milk and honey. Try this gentle, rejuvenating bath and watch your skin transform itself into something so beautiful. The milk and honey make the skin soft and supple while the crystal salts help remove dead skin.  A relaxing massage with honey cream helps to melt away your tired and sore muscles.

80 mins – 124 US Dollars


Double Mud Detoxify Extravaganza

Be totally transformed starting with our amazing unique Red sea Salt body scrub to cleanse and disperse toxins. Then dream away with a Luxurious Aroma bath, which will help to relax and unwind.  Our special Moroccan Mud wrap will eliminate any toxins. You will then experience Frankincense head scalp and neck massage and finally emerge restored and totally indulged!

120 mins – 170 US Dollars


- Prices including taxes and service charge.

-Payment by Egyptian pound equivalent to USD exchange rate.


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