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With a name that means ‘two seas’ in Arabic, Bahrain has long benefitted from its geographical location as a collection of islands at the centre of the Gulf’s trade routes. The land of the ancient Dilmun civilisation, a rich pearl diving industry dating back centuries, a UNESCO Heritage Site since 2005 – Bahrain boasts 4,000 years of history waiting to be discovered.

Top 5 things to do

  1. Delve into the past at the Bahrain National Museum
  2. Visit the grand Al-Fateh Mosque
  3. Discover archaeological treasures at Bahrain Fort
  4. Browse for interesting finds at the Manama Souk, behind the historic Bab Al Bahrain gate
  5. Enjoy an electrifying weekend at the Bahrain Grand Prix

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Located on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe. this country is home to medieval villages, rivers, and lakes, plus the craggy Dinaric Alps. A fascinating past, diverse heritage and beautiful idyllic mountain setting make Bosnia and Herzegovina one of Europe’s most intriguing countries.

Top 5 things to do

  1. Wandering around Bascarsija, the largest Ottoman mosque in the country
  2. Sipping Bosnian coffee and watching the street life
  3. Hearing Bosnian folk music in Pigeon Square
  4. Shopping for delicious food at one of the local markets
  5. Visit Vijecnica, one of the most unique town halls


The land of the enchanting Nile and Pyramids. The land of mummies and hieroglyphics. The land of mysteries. Welcome to a land that’s played host to one of the greatest civilisations known to man. Bursting with history from every corner, this rich and varied country offers an intriguing mix of ancient culture and modern indulgence for guests from all over the world.

Top 5 things to do

  1. Following the old caravan trail to Sharm town
  2. Diving and snorkeling in the Red Sea
  3. Climbing up to Mount Sinai
  4. Camel trek through the desert
  5. Relaxing at the famous Blue Hole in Dahab


Widely regarded as the cradle of civilisation, Iraq boasts a rich heritage that has few, if any, rivals. Even today, its poets, painters and sculptors are widely celebrated in the Arab world, with some of them globally acknowledged as masters of their craft. The country is also known for producing fine handicrafts; its carpets and rugs in particular are highly sought after around the world.

Top 5 things to do

  1. Visit the sprawling Erbil Citadel in the city centre, believed to be the oldest continuously inhabited town in the world
  2. Stroll through the deserted passages inside the hilltop castle
  3. Visit the sacred Imam Husayn Shrine
  4. Visit the famous Kurdish Textile Museum
  5. Visit the historical minaret, with its turquoise glazed tiles, near Minaret Park



Amman the modern and ancient capital of Jordan is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the World. The city's modern buildings blend with the remnants of ancient civilizations. The profusion of gleaming white houses, kebab stalls with roasting meat, and tiny cafes where rich Arabian coffee is sipped in the afternoon sunshine, conjure a mood straight from a thousand and one nights. 

Top 5 things to do

  1. Visit Roman Amphitheater & Amman Citadel.
  2. Eat local food at the Downtown.
  3. Visit Jabal Amman & Jabal Al Weibdeh.
  4. Tour the art galleries.
  5. Visit The Boulevard – Al Abdali District.



Lebanon offers an awe-inspiring combination of the past and the present. From Roman ruins to luxurious ski resorts, from an outdoor café culture to bustling markets, the Paris of the Middle East is an enchanting land that has it all.

Top 5 things to do

  1. Go up in a Beirut balloon for breathtaking views of the city
  2. Watch the sunset on the horizon at the historical Pigeon Rocks
  3. See one of the biggest stalagmites in the world at Jeita Grotto
  4. Tee off at The Golf Club of Lebanon
  5. Explore the exciting nightlife in Beirut



With the heady scents of frankincense emanating from every street offering a nostalgic reminder of a seemingly bygone era, Oman very much retains its sense of place and past, amidst constant progress and development. Busy, thriving souks, ancient protected ruins, soaring mountains and refreshing wadis all make this sultanate one of the best places in the Gulf to experience traditional Arabia.

Top 5 things to do

  1. Go for a refreshing dive at pristine white beaches along the Arabian Sea
  2. Discover the ancient ruins of Zafar at the Al Baleed Archaeological Park
  3. Hunt for local frankincense varieties at the Al Husn Souk
  4. Drive through the Salalah Gardens rich in coconut, banana and papaya
  5. Visit the majestic Hisn Salalah Palace, birthplace of the Sultan


Surrounded by the sea, Qatar is a haven for lovers of water sports such as kite-surfing and jet-skiing at high speeds by the beach. Move inland and safari tours to the desert beckon, with dune-bashing in Land Cruisers being a particularly popular draw for tourists and locals alike. Once one’s appetite for adventure is sated, there’s nothing like heading to Doha, the nation’s capital, for a staggering range of culinary and shopping experiences.

Top 5 things to do

  1. Visit the spice market with its little intriguing streets at Souq Waqif, and stop by one of its many Arabic cafés for shisha smoking
  2. View one of the world’s most extensive collections of Islamic artifacts at the I.M. Pei-designed Museum of Islamic Art
  3. Enjoy a multifaceted experience at Katara Cultural Village
  4. Enjoy jet skiing in Doha Bay
  5. Catch adrenaline pumping Motorcycle Racing at Losail International Circuit

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Arabian Peninsula and the 13th largest country in the world. It is the land of Two Holy Mosques and a destination of ancient charm and existent beauty, embracing the past and the present with its unique authentic Arab culture.

Top 5 things to do

  1. Checkout Al-Tahlia Street the main area for famous fashion brands and international restaurants in the mid-town of Jeddah and Riyadh
  2. Back in time and discover Al-Dir'iya the old capital of the first Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which located in north of Riyadh
  3. Take a tour Around The World at Landmarks Park in Riyadh
  4. Visit Madain Saleh the pre-Islamic archaeological site at Al Madina
  5. Desert Safari and Buggy Riding.


Located where Europe and Asia meets. Türkiye offers a unique history stretching back thousands of years. Istanbul, the largest city of Türkiye is a fascinating city that is built on two continents, divided by the Bosphorus Strait. Istanbul, one of the greatest cities in the world where you can see a modern western city combined with a traditional eastern city, is also a meeting point of many civilizations and different nationalities. The city of Istanbul offers lots of things to do from sightseeing to shopping to its visitors.

Top 5 things to do

  1. Visit Istanbul's rich historical places such as Haghia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Dolmabahce Palace. Go to the Grand Bazaar to smell the spices and buy presents for your loved ones
  2. Explore the Galata Tower for a view of Istanbul and the Bosphorus
  3. Take a boat ride on the Bosphorus and visit the Maiden's Tower in Bosphorus Strait
  4. Go to the Bagdat Street, Akasya Shopping Mall or Palladium Shopping Mall for shopping in the Anatolian side of Istanbul
  5. Discover the beauties of Türkiye, such as a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia at sunrise or take a yacht cruising on the Mediterranean in Bodrum and Fethiye


United Arab Emirates

Majestic mountains, spotless beaches, awe-inspiring deserts, lush oases and more – the United Arab Emirates boasts a landscape that can’t be surpassed. This union of seven sovereign sheikhdoms has grown from strength to strength since its formation in 1971. From charming Bedouin markets to glittering shopping malls, from duty-free shopping to camel racing, the United Arab Emirates will excite and enthral.

Top 5 things to do

  1. Visit the UAE’s largest and grandest mosque
  2. Racing at the stunning Yas Island F1 track
  3. The unique sights and sounds of camel racing
  4. A white knuckle ride at Ferrari World
  5. Kayaking in the mangroves
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